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Designing a wine cellar you’ll love as much as your wine – Jeriann Watkins

Designing a wine cellar you’ll love as much as your wine – Jeriann Watkins

Are you starting to grow a collection of wine? Or maybe you’ve had a collection for a while, but are looking for a better way to store it?

Drinking wine is an experience. You want the space you keep your wine in to be as romantic as the wine you drink. There are a few considerations you’ll want to take into account in the environmental factors of your wine cellar, but after that, the world is your oyster!  Below are some tips on how to create a functional, attractive wine cellar that will show off your excellent taste in wine!

Temperature and Humidity

If you’re storing wine for longer than a month, you want to make sure to keep it cool and damp. Generally, below 70 degrees, with a humidity range of 60%-70%. The most important factor to consider when aging wine is to prevent contamination of the cork. This means that though your cellar is damp, you don’t want the corks to get wet. This is also why you want to avoid keeping wine in the fridge for prolonged amounts of time. Since corks are porous, fridge odors like onion and fish can easily seep through the cork and contaminate the wine.

Ideally, you’ll keep your wine in a place where the temperature is consistent, so that it can age consistently. This is why many people choose basement cellars, as they stay naturally cool, and are not prone to drastic changes in temperature.


Wine Cellar Innovations - Storage

Image Source: Wine Cellar Innovations

Once you’ve decided where to keep your wine, you need to decide what to keep it on. I personally prefer racks that allow you to see the labels from the side. Stackable wine racks like the one above not only allow for display, but also allow you to customize your space and easily move the racks around when you’re ready for a re-design.

There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest for DIY wine racks as well. Just be sure that if you make your own, you use thick, heavy wood that will stand up to your wine bottles.


Wine Cellar - Megaprint

Image Source: Megaprint

The temperature of your cellar and the racks you use to display your wine are doubtlessly the most important aspects of good wine storage. But once you’ve got those particulars figured out, you’ll want to add some décor elements to really set the mood. Maybe you’ll want to do what Hermit Woods Winery did and get some large cutouts of corkscrews and other wine accessories to hang on your walls.

Depending on your room, a fresh coat of paint could be all it takes to liven up the space. If you are storing your wine in a true cellar or concrete basement, you may need some guidance in the type of paint you need to use to maintain color vibrancy and longevity. As you’ll see in this paint-finish guide, high-gloss paint stands up extremely well to moisture and humidity, making it ideal for wine storage.

There are lots of ways to store your wine in style. If you have any tips that have worked for you, let us know in the comments!


Jeriann is a blogger and wine drinker in Boise, Idaho. She saves her wine bottles to create custom lamps to sell at her local Farmer’s Market. Check out her blog.