10 Ways Your Pub Will Sell More Wine (Part 2)

10 Ways Your Pub Will Sell More Wine (Part 2)

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Here’s the final five ways you can start selling more wine in your pub:

6 – Make Your Wines Physically Visible

As well as having a well-written and presented wine list, it also helps if you can keep your wines visible. If you’re serving white wine by the glass or bottle and store it in the fridge, it’s good practice to have a display bottle behind the bar – especially if it’s one of your leading sellers. The reasons for keeping your wines physically visible are because consumers will a) become aware instantly of their availability and get an immediate impression of the pub as a place that takes its wine seriously, and b) they will unconsciously be prompted into considering a purchase by the bottle – like window-shopping, should you need a metaphor!

Subtle, easy, and it works.

7 – Keep Staff Trained & Taste Your Wines Regularly

As previously mentioned, service is very important. It’s your hot link to the upsale and it’s your one way of persuading customers to not just buy more wines but to get them coming back to the pub and eventually become a regular.

However, while service training is vital, it’s also important to know that letting your staff taste the wines you offer on a regular basis (we’re not talking daily here, but every so often or if they have forgotten how something tastes) will help them learn about the wines and be better sellers. Tastings are an investment, not a waste or cost. It’s like marketing or advertising, except much easier to control. It also helps you win staff loyalty, as they feel both rewarded and like they’re learning. This means you’ll have staff who have been with the business longer, feel and look happier, and, ultimately, give you more sales.

8 – Grow & Change Your Wine List with the Season

A fairly new trend in the wine on-trade, especially for pubs, is the adoption of a seasonal wine list. Just like food has in and out seasons, wine does too. For example light-bodied wines in hot summers and full bodied wines in the winter. Perhaps you might extend your sparkling wine and dessert wine offerings when Christmas comes around as well? The point is that if you adapt you will almost certainly sell more wine. The majority of your customers will also appreciate that you are giving them something new to try and enhancing their experience in your pub.

9 – Serve Food? Know What Your Wine Goes With…

Wine and food-matching is becoming more and more expected of staff by consumers. It used to be a notable pleasure to know that staff knew their wines very well, but as drinking has moved up to more of a luxury so has the expectation of knowledge. So if you do have a kitchen it’s good practice to have your most knowledgeable staff members trying the wines alongside some of your chef’s food. Even if they loosely match, that’s a recommendation you can confidently use when selling both the wine and the food.

If that wasn’t enough, consumers are far more likely to buy your wine buy the bottle (and even more than one bottle) if it goes very well with the food they’re eating – which equals more sales for you!

10 – Know Your Customers

Seems obvious, right? Perhaps – but it’s also the most important piece of advice I offer any hospitality business. While you know your locals very well (or at least one would hope), you must also have a good idea of why every other person is walking through your door. Is it the all day food you offer? Your prime location? Is it for the ambience? Or is it a watering hole? This will help you shape and define your wine list, but it will also help you sell the wines to your customers.


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