3 Awesome Wine Kickstarter Campaigns

3 Awesome Wine Kickstarter Campaigns

Kickstarter campaigns are growing every year. It’s easy to see why with so many cool ideas coming from all over the world and the amicable support of the internet flocking to fund them.

However, wine lovers should spend more time checking in – because you may be surprised what sort of awesome wine kickstarter campaigns are being set up. Have a look at three examples below that I guarantee will wet your browsing appetite for more…

Make your wine sulphite free

Are you a consumer who doesn’t like sulphites? While allergies to sulphites are rare, many wine lovers find that they can either taste sulphites in the wine or they get headaches the following day. Whatever your reasons are for avoiding sulphites, an awesome campaign by Chicago-based James Kornacki has developed technology that removes sulphites from wine – and can even aerate your wine at the same time. Now that’s pretty awesome.

If you’re a consumer who shies away from sulphites, you might want to consider supporting Üllo or at least find out more about this awesome wine invention.

Üllo—The Wine Purifier

by James Kornacki

Californian wine oak barrel pens

Well, why not? It’s great to see oak being reused and surely there’s nothing that screams “Wino” more than a Californian oak crafted fountain pen? At least we think it’s one of the coolest uses of wine material recycling.

Luckily this project exceeded its Kickstarter target, so that means these pens are already in production! Contact the project creator Greg Laurel to find out more and buy your own. See the campaign video below!

Wine Barrel Pens

by Greg Laurel

A wine game? Oh yes please

Making wine snobbery fun, this trio of inventors have come up with the ideal wine tasting game. You’ve got to admit that if this isn’t the most awesome Kickstarter campaign of all time, then it’s certainly one of the most creative.

Smartly designed and very pretty, the only disappointment is that this again has been thought up and developed in the USA, so us Brits will have to wait until the product is buyable online.

Watch the cool vid below and join in the fun! Oh and, of course, this again is fully funded!

Uncorked! Hilarious wine tasting game

by Lars Thorn et al