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Media Catch on to Bath’s Wine Tasting of the Season

Media Catch on to Bath’s Wine Tasting of the Season

I’m so excited that this time next week I’ll be sharing one of my best wine tastings of 2015 with 15 lucky customers. If you’re a wine lover who wants to try out some gorgeous Christmas wines, cheeses and dry-cured meats in time for Christmas then you really should go and book tickets while you still can – they’re even reduced by 20% to just £28pp until Monday!

The media has just caught on to how exciting this tasting is. We’re trying some truly outstanding wines, including a 2004 Vintage Champagne, a crisp Chablis, a spicy rich Gewurztraminer, supreme Burgundy, a toasty Bordeaux and finishing on a sublime Italian Amarone, which is full of chocolate notes. All of these wines are being served with the venue’s popular cheese and salami boards, featuring the best cheese locally and abroad, alongside Italian dry-cured meats.

Bath.co.uk featured us in their newsletter just a couple of hours ago, sharing the upcoming event:

While our friends The Pig Guide are quick to push the event as well. In fact the co-founder and editor of the guide, Bath’s only independent restaurant and food guide, will both be present for the event!

The very popular Dining in Bath group were also quick to tell their 3.5k+ followers their thoughts on my events (of which I am very thankful!):

So it really can’t be missed. If you’re a keen wino and you want to learn about wine and have fun doing it, get into the festive spirit today! Book your place on my wine tasting. You’ll even save 20% if you do it before Monday.