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Go and try some wines at Vino Vino

Go and try some wines at Vino Vino

Recently I popped down to Vino Vino Wine & Cocktail Bar in Saw Close to run a wine tasting for their staff. I have to say you can get some yummy wines in Vino Vino without making much of a hole in your wallet. Something like the fantastic citrussy Domaine Zinck Pinot Blanc 2014 for just £22 on-trade is a steal, not to mention the opportunity to bag a 2011 Savigny Les Beaunes ‘le Village’ Barolet for £39. You can’t really go wrong with those prices.

During the tasting event we tried eight wines. Beginning with the juicy and approachable Aresti Montemar Sauvignon Blanc Reserva 2015, which is a delightful house white at £18/bottle. We then tried the versatile Domaine Zinck before moving onto a Domaine de Brunely Cotes du Rhone Blanc 2012 – which, despite being faintly corked, still had wonderful complexity to it; notes of banana, peach and buttery warmth with a full mouthfeel – all at £24. Can’t complain.

The star of the whites (besides the Pinot Blanc) came in the form of the Astraio Rocca di Montimassi Viognier 2013. Earthy, full and peppery with a gorgeous aromatic nose. You really get a lot of wine for your buck at £33.

The Vavasour Pinot Noir 2012 from Awatere Valley in Marlborough New Zealand was brighter than most new world Pinot Noir. Aromatic on the nose with aniseed notes, the palette leant more in the direction of ripe cherry and red plums. Easy drinking and very quaffable (£28). The house Merlot, from Aresti, was a little chewy and sour, but for Chile it showed a surprisingly balanced use of oak, which ultimately elevated the wine a little. Not bad achieving that and still managing an £18 restaurant price tag.

Things got really exciting with the Passori Rosso Merlot & Corvina. Real juicy and full bodied with all those classic cherry trademarks of Corvina, along with its beautiful deep-coloured skin, and the mouthfeel of rich, plummy Merlot. At £23 a bottle that’s excellent. While the final wine, the Stonehedge Old Vine Zinfandel 2012, is perhaps a couple of years too young to fully enjoy, the wine is already entering its peak time. Amazing sweet vanilla character adds to the classic flavours of dark cocoa and blackcurrants. A proper BBQ wine – so bear in mind for the summer! Especially given its £22 price tag.

Ben Franks Wine - Vino Vino Tasting

I’ve yet to take a seat at Vino Vino and have some food, despite venturing in a couple of times for a glass of wine or two. Given how lovely the staff are (and the alluring price tag on the wines) I will have to make the effort to swing by more often and say hi. 


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