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Latest: Recent Red Wine Reviews

Latest: Recent Red Wine Reviews

It’s been a really interesting couple of weeks. For learning, for drinking great wine, and just about everything else too. Life’s good when you’re 21 – so far, anyway (I’ll “touch wood” later to make sure I don’t jinx it).

While my most exciting event, a recent vineyard visit to the beautiful Oatley in Somerset will be written up for your eyes tonight, I thought it would be good to give everyone an update about the most recent wines I’ve reviewed. Not tried a great deal of white recently, much to my own shame, so this will be exclusively red wine today – but I’ll do some tastings and post more about white, rosé and sparkling soon.


The “good film, great company and a packet of crisps” wine: Yellow Tail Shiraz 2013

Good looking, smart and well-rounded Shiraz which is surprising considering how mass produced it is. Very juicy and great on its own. Not a lot of character for food matching, though.

69% BFWR // Recommended



A bargain value Sangiovese to match with food: Dino Sangiovese di Romagna DOC 2013

Does everything good Sangiovese should do. Avoids being watery like some of its equally-cheap competitors. Pleasant fruit, fair length. Great wine with Italian starters like Bruschetta.

68% BFWR // Recommended



Plummy, spicy and hints of chocolate; so seductive: Journey’s End Sir Lowry Cabernet 2011

Oh yes, this wine is bloody good stuff. Luxury plum fruits are all go in this red wine. There’s also plenty of spicy charm, balanced well with hints of (only slightly) bitter dark chocolate. Mmm.

86% BFWR // Must Buy



So spicy, furiously fruity Malbec: Catena Malbec 2012

Lots of character on the nose, which makes the palette just a touch disappointing. All the same this is a versatile, extremely tasty and well-made Malbec. Great with food too.

85% BFWR // Must Buy


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