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What Wines Are People Sharing on #NationalHugDay?

What Wines Are People Sharing on #NationalHugDay?

Today was National Hug Day in the UK and the press went a little over the top asking everyone big questions about their point of view on hugging one another. Is it not a lovely idea? Anyway, an important question calls (or perhaps just a bit of fun): what wines have these lovely people have been sharing together?

We sent out a tweet and a Facebook prod to see what was going on. We even had someone email, which was nice!

Alison Edgar and her team at Sales Coaching Solutions picked out a zippy Sauvignon Blanc, which reminded me of the time I quaffed the dazzlingly good Jackson Estate Sitch Sauvignon Blanc and gave it a whopping 90% BFWR. Anyway, the Sales Coaching Solutions team chose this young gooseberry brimming wine:


Meanwhile the folks over at the number one Bath guide to all things food – we’re talking about the legendary Pig Guide here – were adament that it has got to be a glass of Merlot.

Yesterday at ASK Italian I chose a Merlot, which I haven’t done for a while in a restaurant for no real reason, and it was bursting with blueberry fruit. Wonderful with steak, so I can’t blame the Pig Guide for choosing a Merlot – it really can be yummy!

Challen Cates took her hug and wine love straight to the vineyard in this sweet picture:


While Rebecca Toon literally took to hugging the wine itself


But Cellar Angels were a little preoccupied getting plastered:


Well, perhaps not quite to the extent these guys were if they started drinking out of the bottles they were hugging…


Still, wherever you are and whoever you’re lucky enough to hug, let’s all raise a glass to the warming hug wine brings us on these cold January evenings and be thankful for the company we’ve got! Enjoy!