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Wineathlons: Harmless fun or Dangerously Irresponsible?

Wineathlons: Harmless fun or Dangerously Irresponsible?

Glasgow is set to hold a 10k run, which organisers Team OA call a “wineathlon”, and the internet’s health lobby have gone crazy about it. The idea isn’t new but, like anything, now that the national papers have caught wind of it the debate has gone viral. Team OA have previously held a wineathlon event in West Yorkshire and have plans to host more in cities like Cambridge, Huddersfield and Worcester, amongst others.

But is it a good idea? The aim is to get more people involved in what is essentially a 10k fun run that ultimately aims to promote fitness. According to 88% of The Telegraph‘s readers, the event is just “harmless fun” but the newspaper reports plenty of criticism from health professionals.

A spokesman for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: “We would contest any application for this event. Not only is alcohol detrimental to sports performance, but this proposed event stands against our public health messages.”

Every 2km, runners will have the chance to taste a new wine from around the world including red, rosé and white styles. Each sample will be no greater than half a unit, according to TeamOA’s managing director Wane Law.

Law said in a statement: “We’re giving people the chance to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. It doesn’t have to be about alcohol. We’ve staged Pieathalons and Chocathalons in the past and its about giving people something a little bit different. The wine samples are only about half a unit. People have become fixated on the wine.”

Strong criticism also came from Alison Douglas, chief executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland, who told The Telegraph: “This event is clearly a gimmick, however, three people dying every day due to alcohol in Scotland is no joke.”

So what do you think? A good or bad idea?

We recommend you take a bottle of water if you take part!