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Yammo! Italiano Reveals New Wine List

Yammo! Italiano Reveals New Wine List

Yammo reveals new wine list

Yammo is one of my favourite restaurant destinations in Bath and I’ve been going there for as long as I’ve lived here. That’s kind of a funny thing to write, considering Yammo! is mainly known for its stunningly good pizzas and I didn’t start eating cheese until a little under a year ago. 

As the number of pizza places picks up in Bath, the team at Yammo are turning their attention back to the business’ original inspiration – Neapolitan street food style dining. The new food menu just shouts good quality, simple, delicious-tasting food. Yammo’s still making amazing pizzas – even for people like me, who don’t venture down the cheese gorge often, there’s the Marinara. A simple cheese-free pizza that is dressed in delicious olive oil and basil, with the option for extra toppings to spice things up.

However what really excites me about the decision to “go authentic” with its Naples cuisine are two things: more tapas-style small plates and a brilliant new wine list.

Yammo Italian restaurant's wine list is brand new and features great value wines

I’ve been telling every restaurant I work with to make sure their wine list reflects their food and Yammo’s achieved this with their new list. A collection of wines exclusively from Italy that show off a whole palette of tastes, and all at great value too. In fact, the most expensive bottle on the menu is just £24 – most restaurants don’t even have house wines that cheap, let alone this marvellous duo of Vesevo wines from Campania. One is a 2015 Falanghina, a light and approachable white wine with delicate floral aromas that’s a great pairing with Yammo’s pasta dishes or white pizzas, and the other is a 2011 Aglianico, a red wine brimming with juicy dark fruits and a Rioja-like finish with those classic vanilla and spice notes.

I chose the Aglianico with my lunch this time around, but if you’re going to Yammo in this hot weather and fancy a red wine try the Syrah. It’s not in the classic full-bodied Rhone style or the jammy Shiraz style of the new world, but instead a light bodied, perfumed cherry fruit red wine that feels more in common with a quaffable Pinot Noir. It’s a real bargain at £17 and has enough versatility to match a whole range of Yammo’s food menu.

Yammo - Aglianico from Vesevo Winery in Campania

While my better half went with Yammo’s classic Margarita pizza with a topping of grilled vegetables, I dug into Yammo’s tapas plates. There’s a whole range that would have any cheese lover wondering if they’d died and gone to heaven. 

I went for the Polpette al Sugo, a dish comprising of pork and beef meatballs baked in a rich tomato sauce with a topping of cheese, and – one of my long-term Yammo favourites – the Piselli Arancini, which is a ball of pea and mushrooms with risotto rice and smoked mozzarella. 

Yammo food - Polpette al Sugo meatball and tomato sauce dish

The Polpette al Sugo might well be a new favourite, especially with the olive oil toasted bread to mop up that delicious sauce with. To drift briefly back to the wine, the Aglianico was pretty much perfect with the Polpette al Sugo, which needs the wine’s vanilla and spice to stand up and make an impression. Trust me, try it!

While you can get the Arancini with a beef and pork ragu, for me it’s all about the veggie option here. The crisp sweetness of the peas alongside the meaty mushrooms and creamy mozzarella with risotto rice is just a superb combination. I must find and shake the hand of the chef who came up with the idea, if he or she is still kicking around. It’s delightful. I might have gone more along the lines of the 2015 Greco/Fiano white wine blend with my Piselli Arancini, purely because I love that citrus and stone fruit alongside anything with peas and copious creaminess.

Yammo's Piselli Arancini veggie risotto balls

As well as the Arancini, pizza and meatballs, we were tempted to delve into just one more course: courgette flowers stuffed with ricotta and deep fried in batter. Crispy and creamy all at once, it’s easy to see why courgette flowers are fast convincing UK consumers why they’re so popular on the continent. 

Yammo Courgette Flowers dirty plate

Frankly Yammo have done an amazing job here, both food and wine wise. Everything ticks the boxes for a Neapolitan diner. To top that all off, Yammo’s friendly, open-arms welcome and service makes it a very difficult place to top for a fantastic lunch or a cheeky Naples supper.

You’ll also get an ice-cold shot of limoncello when you’re done, which, if you’ve never tried limoncello before, is something you’ll come back for on its own.


Yammo Glass of wine

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