Al Muvedre Monastrell Tinto 2013

Black cherry characterises this oaky, unafraid Monastrell from one of Spain’s most exciting producers.

Al-muvedre Monastrell is a perfectly enjoyable wine. It’s not in my list of Spain’s bests though. Ultimately that comes down to the amount of oak influence in the wine. It’s very bold, with a mix of juicy sweetness and a full-bodied, tannic structure; “confused” might possibly be the word.

Which is a shame, because producer Telmo Rodriguez has made some really dazzling wines in the past few years that are arond £7-£10 in price.

Nevertheless, this ruby young wine has enough pleasing alcohol warmth and black cherry oomph to drink easily once you tune your senses to it. People who drink a lot of Spanish red will have no problem drinking Al-muvedre but if you’re more used to the new world softness or Merlot-dominant Bordeaux you may struggle with the wine.

From around £8 it’s still worth a try!


Serve with…

…ideally a moist ham-hock, or a lamb tagine. Works well alongside Mediterranean cuisine, too.

BFW Rating


Juicy, young and cherry-forward red from producer Telmo Rodriguez.

Medium-Full bodied

Mourvèdre (Monastrell)

Alicante, Spain




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