Baron des Tours Médoc 2012

Full earthy flavour with a medium, deep-coloured body and some notes of baked fruit.

The Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend in Baron des Tours (£11.99 from Waitrose, Jan 2015), grown in the gravel vineyards of the Médoc, is certainly a different kind of wine.

While easy to drink and has plenty of fruit, although perhaps a little aged and baked, there’s a very dry flavour that isn’t so much tannin as it is a soily, earthy-like taste. The texture is a little leathery on the tongue.

Chances are, the wine just needs a little longer to develop. After decanting for an hour, the tannin of the Cab-Sauv mellowed and the fruit came through over the earthy notes a little more strongly, not characteristically so, but enough to make it an excellent food-matcher and fairly easy quaffing wine.


Serve with…

…soy dishes. Good match with savoury stir fry, especially beef. Or try with cheeses, as this balances the wine’s high levels of umami.

BFW Rating


Earthy dry fruit flavour with notes of baked cherry, blackcurrant and dark chocolate. Lighter body for Médoc.


Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Bordeaux, France



££ (Medium)

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