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Bath Ales Festivity with Bad Santa

Bath Ales’ Festivity best paired with Bad Santa (2003)

The booze review

Delicious, seasonal porter bursting to the rim with character. Full and smooth in the mouth, with notes of cinnamon and chocolate make it warming and very, very “more-ish”.

It’s crafted just for the winter season; those notes of heart-hugging rum are there – as they are in all the best porters – and it strikes a smashing balance between bitterness and sweetness, while keeping a full and boastful flavour.

The spice is cheeky and pretty seductive, so be careful of its 5.0% alcohol!


Bad Santa (2003) image courtesy of Sony Pictures; Bath Ales Festivity image courtesy of BathAles.com

The film match

This festive curveball starring Billy Bob Thornton as convicted con-man and Santa impersonator is a great match for Festivity. The spicy kick of bad language, moodiness and comedy pairs awesomely with the beer’s character – it’s also what made the film an instant classic.

Santa Willie and his Little Helper (Tony Cox) have a plan: to rob stores on Christmas. Why not? Willie’s moody most of the year and his only job is as the bearded man in red, so a downward spiral to his con-man days grows attractive. While the pair’s plan seems to go perfectly well, when Willie befriends a troubled kid (Brett Kelly) and the head of security finds out the plan suddenly falls apart.

Funny – sometimes shockingly so – and grotesque, the film remains charming and festive, and the cast take to their roles like a house on fire. Just be careful how many of those Festivity beers you drink; you wouldn’t want to be turning up like Bad Santa anytime soon.

BFW Rating

Bath Ales

£ (Great Value)

Bath, Somerset, UK


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