Bolney Estate Foxhole Vineyard Rosé 2013

While light, fruity and certainly refreshing, Bolney Estate Foxhole Vineyard Rosé 2013 is just too bland for its price tag.

The problem is with the wine’s White Zinfandel associations. I’m one of those winos who had enough sweet Californian rosé when I was young to feverently avoid the stuff ever since.

Bolney’s rosé is pink-orange and deep, just like Barefoot or Gallo, say. It has the same dull, light aromas of summer fruits squash, albeit with a sprig more freshness.

Then, if you’re not quite ready for it, it will hit you like a White Zin too. Near sweet, certainly off-dry at least, with those lovely Pinot Noir cherry notes almost boiled sweet-like.

However, it does redeem itself. Unlike the White Zinfandel, the Pinot Noir has a touch more subtlety in finish. It’s still short and a bit bland, sure, but there’s a dryness and a touch of acidity that makes the wine very refreshing and easy drinking.

Would be a great option for summer – if only it was half the price…

Currently under £10 at Waitrose (£9.99, 75cl, March 2015).

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Serve with…

…fruit salads. Great match for the summer fruit salad or would go very well with a grilled salmon dish.

BFW Rating


Fruity and perfect for summer-drinking, Bolney Estate’s 2013 Rosé just comes in a bit dull for English wine.

Off-Dry, Medium

Pinot Noir

Sussex, UK



££-£££ (Medium High)

Not Suitable For Vegetarians

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