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Camel Valley “Cornwall” Pinot Noir Rosé Brut 2012

IWC Gold medal winner that does everything a world-class wine should do.

Last year I awarded my “Best Wine 2014” to Camel Valley’s White Pinot Noir 2010 (BFWR 93%). Then I tried this. Building on all the balance and intricacy of flavour, keeping the delicacy of texture, but adding an intense cherry flavour from the time with the grape skins makes this a real treasure.

Aromas of strawberry and raspberry shows the wine has made the best of the Pinot Noir’s character, while England’s cooler climate retains the wine’s acidity and freshness. The result is a wine that ticks all the boxes: flavour, refreshment, texture and that wonderful “more-ish” quality.

The bubbles also don’t shy away from character, giving the wine lots of fizz in the mouth that strikes gold between the big bubbles of Cava and the finer feel of Prosecco.

Buy direct from the estate and you can pick it up for £26.95 a bottle (Camel Valley, Jan 2015), which has got to be the bargain of the century.


Serve with…

…crisp fruit salads, summer leaf salads or light chicken dishes. My perfect match for this wine is a creamy potato fish pie.

BFW Rating


A truly stunning sparkling wine. Seductive colour, glorious texture and delicate but intense strawberry fruits.


Pinot Noir

Cornwall, England



££ (Medium)

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