Champagne Taittinger Prélude Grand Cru NV

Chardonnay dominant bubbly with a strange nose but satisfying palette.

Taittinger makes some excellent Champagnes. Its Prélude Grand Cru is one of the more interesting ones; a moussey, fruity sparkling wine with a noticeable delicacy.

When I tried this wine recently, I couldn’t help but be stunted a bit at the nose. Its 4 years on lees (minimum) had somehow manifested into an eggy-like aroma for me. Subtle floral notes were hinted at, but mostly I couldn’t get past the egg.

Hesitant to try, I found a much more satisfying story in the mouth. Lighter than most styles Taittinger produce, the Chardonnay seems to do most of the work here (it does make up 50%). From the small delicate amount of fruit you notice, it’s mainly of white peach and apple.

The finish is creamy, in a chilled pot of double cream way, where it’s pleasant but all ends a little too quickly. Prélude Grand Cru then is a memorable and easy drinking Champagne for anyone who prefers a lighter style of sparkling wine.

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…smoked-fish canapés. Yummly has some gorgeous recipes you can check out for inspiration.

BFW Rating


Very well balanced sparkling wine. Cream, peach and apple.


Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

Champagne, France




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