Fuller’s London Pride

Fuller’s London Pride best paired with Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

The booze review

This benchmark balanced ale (£1.99, Waitrose, Jan 2015) has a wonderful light caramel, malty flavour and the perfect amount of fizz that makes it deeply refreshing. There’s some complexity of grassy notes, paying homage to its hoppy origins, while a chocolate flavour smooths out anything that might be considered overly gassy.

And that’s the only problem with London Pride; moderation keeps it wonderful and, despite being heavily commercial, a special pint too. However, you have a lot of them and you might soon be moving away for its lager-like gassiness.

Nevertheless, London Pride remains one of the most rounded and fully flavoured mainstream ales, while holding the title of one of Britain’s best-selling ales. Can Fuller’s go wrong?


Edge of Tomorrow (2014) image courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures; Fuller’s London Pride image from Fullers.co.uk

The film match

A film that matches London Pride’s full flavour and impeccable balance is a tough one, but last year’s Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt is perfect.

You’ve got all the thrills and character in the film you’ve got in the beer, with a great balance of drama and action. Meanwhile, the Groundhog Day-like repetitive nature of the film reflects London Pride’s drinkability.

With the beer not a far shout from lager but packing more of a punch, it seems this blockbuster has all the excellent traits of an action film but its own unique angle – which is refreshing.

Highly recommended.

BFW Rating


£ (Great Value)

London, UK


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