Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage Port 2009

Graham’s 2009 Late Bottled Vintage balances warming alcohol and jammy fruits to make a dangerously easy-drinking port.

Accounting for 34% of all of Graham’s port sales worldwide, the LBV is by far their most popular export. Owners Symington Family Estates have repackaged this release to bring the design more in-line with the rest of the range; the effect is this very pretty label that suggests both pride of craft and class. The new label also pays tribute to Graham’s cellar master of 35 years, Antonio Monteiro.

While yields of the 2009 crop were supposedly less, winemaker David Guimareans told ‘We haven’t seen colour intensity and tannic grip like this in over 20 years. The quality of fruit is also impressive and the wines have excellent acidity.’

When you come to taste Graham’s LBV 2009, it looks like most ports in the glass. That attractive viscosity that leads bold legs down your glass, the rich smell of jammed fruits, a hint of spice, a waft of alcohol and warmth. It’s enticing to some, sickly sweet to others. LBV has always had that divisive trait.

And yet Graham’s 2009 is different. It strikes a balance rarely seen in LBVs of such a high production.

The heat of the alcohol merges so wonderfully with the jammy fruits it’s a huge pleasure to drink… and because the sweetness lingers rather than hitting you like a candy overdose, it’s very pleasant and dangerously easy to drink.

By no means complex but a thoroughly exceptional port wine.

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Serve with…

…creamy cheeses, rich fruit cake (especially Christmas cake!), and dark chocolate (low cocoa though as bitterness won’t work too well).

BFW Rating


Superbly well balanced and very easy drinking port.


Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz

Duoro, Portugal




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