Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Shiraz

Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Shiraz is a bold, sweet party bubbly with great flavour.

Sometimes you just want a sparkling wine that is great value and thoroughly enjoyable, especially if you’re buying it in bulk for parties or events. However, Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Shiraz (£9.99, Waitrose, Feb 2015) manages to fill that quota while giving you something different – it is a sparkling red after all.

Well chill the wine before you pop open the cork and you can drink it right out of the bottle, enjoying aromas of powerful red and black fruits like raspberry and blackcurrant. It boasts fruity attraction that’s bound to get the party started nicely.

The taste is actually a little surreal if you’ve never tried sparkling red before. Some of the sugars are still there which gives the wine an Asti-type sweetness, while pepper adds complexity to a predominantly plummy and cherry body – so the wine is a little fuller on the palette than the nose.

However, the best experience with this wine is in the texture. It’s a little mind bending to enjoy the full and velvet body that Shiraz is famed for with that strange, fizzing texture from the wine’s bubbles. It’s something very different and very special. Great to get out at your party.


Serve with…

…a bit limited, as its best on its own, but try pairing with party-favourites like richer canopes and oily smoked salmon.

BFW Rating


Bold, rich red with deliciously sweet and bubbly texture. Perfect, though alternative, party sparkling wine.

Medium Sweet


South East, Australia



£-££ (Good Value/Medium)

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