La Paz Chilean Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Subtle and inoffensive, La Paz Chilean Sauvignon Blanc is a little dull in 2014 but has bags of summer drinkability.

Chile, compared with New World and even most of France, make Sauvignon that’s often a little greener, a little grassier in quality. But La Paz seems to be stepping back to the basics of great value ordinary table white Sauvignon from France – or even Northern Italy – with this bland albeit quaffable white wine.

A touch of the grassy Chilean is there but mostly its a lemon bite that lingers a touch too long to be brilliant on its own, and a eager, ripened grapefruit that jumps over the citrus and overwhelms you – much like a cheap Gavi.

As a table wine though, the La Paz Chilean Sauvignon Blanc 2014 does a superb job at complementing all the usual suspects: white fish, simply oven-baked chicken breast or a gnochi, but on its own it’s just a bit too boring.

In the summer months, well-chill La Paz for a simple, inoffensive white wine with all the hallmarks of a tasteless Pinot Grigio but with a little extra zesty punch.


Serve with…

…white fish, such as plaice.

BFW Rating


Simple, subtle white wine with a stinging sourness and a grapefruit note that lingers much like cheap Gavi.


Sauvignon Blanc

Colchagua Valley, Chile



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