Marillier Pere & Fils Bourgogne 2012

Marillier Pere & Fils’ Bourgogne Pinot Noir is Pinot Noir done right. Really, really good stuff.

Stunning garnet-brown, medium bodied Pinot Noir that’s built up lots of ageing complexity despite only being three years old. Very soft and rounded. Some tannin that might appear leathery, but this actually works in the wine’s favour when paired with food – especially cheese.

This wine is to-drink now. It is still deliciously fruity, mainly with notes of strawberry, red berries and a bit of plummy character, but it’s developing those really intriguing farmyard flavours.

The wine lacks the backbone to be aged in a cellar much longer, so drink now when these farmyard notes and fruity charm are balanced in rewarding harmony.

Very tasty Pinot Noir. Great on its own too.

Only £10.99 (Waitrose, 75cl, May 2015). Alternatively, find this wine on


Serve with…

…cheeses. Any cheese, really. Or, if you’re not a cheese-eater, try alongside rosemary-seasoned lamb chops.

BFW Rating


What older, well-balanced Bougogne Pinot is all about: complex, fully-integrated and fruity. Drink now.

Medium bodied

Pinot Noir

Burgundy, France




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