Masi Campofiorin Rosso del Veronese 2010

Smoky and tantalisingly great red wine from Italy’s Veneto region. Lots of fruit and ballsy tobacco-like character.

While the 2010 vintage has improved a little since I last tried it for Pie Magazine last year, there’s still not a complete and tidy integration from this red. Masi Campofiorin have done an excellent job of bringing a rich cherry fruit to the forefront of the wine, while those smoky aromas on the nose drive you to savour it.

However, while blackberry and dark, perhaps a little bitter, chocolate notes add some complexity to the fruit, I can’t help but feel things are still a little messy.

There’s not enough body to give it a lip-smacking wow factor, where the smoke would carry through from the nose and enrich those cherry fruits on the palette, but neither is the cherry quite suited to medium body because of those heavy black fruits and some oak-influence.

All in all, it’s an excellent example of an Italian red with some uniqueness in its quality and I’m sure it will have a marmite effect on consumers. At just over £10 at most retailers it’s a bargain as well. But it just doesn’t blow you away and the result is, unfortunately, a wine that’s not very memorable.

If you want to try this vintage, visit as the 2010 is no longer available at UK supermarkets.


Serve with…

…stunning match with a rib-eye steak or lamb joint. If you’re vegetarian, try with roasted butternut squash stew.

BFW Rating


Smoky, full and relentless red wine with opulent cherry fruit. Needs a little more balance.


Corvina Rondinella

Veneto, Italy



£££ (Medium High)

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