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Old Peculier with Ripper Street (TV Series)

Theakston Old Peculier best paired with Ripper Street (2012-)

The booze review

How do you even begin to review an ale that has captured your heart so much as Theakston Old Peculier has managed to do with mine? This full bodied, lip-smackingly rich and strong ale from this fantastic producer is a superb example of great beer.

Dark, full and ruthlessly award-winning, it’s brewed from Fuggle hops into a smooth, easy-drinking ale best suited to the colder evenings.

Theakston call this beer “The Legend”, and it’s easy to see why. Its taste will stay with you just as the greatest fables have. It is a beer that all those who have drunk it, continue to indulge themselves with.

Pair this beer with a rich beef stew and the experience is undeniably good.


Ripper Street (2012-) image courtesy of BBC; Old Peculier image courtesy of Theakston’s Official Website.

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The TV match

Pairing this beer with a film was a little difficult. What film is there that has the same ability to tug on hearts as my favourite ale? But when you think of Ripper Street, the TV series that has won fans galore for its impeccable cast and brutal story, and of Theakston Old Peculier’s position as a leading supporter of crime fiction, then the match is as clear as day.

Ripper Street overcame the BBC’s cancellation after thousands of fans petitioned for it to come back, and the third season – part funded and shown (currently exclusively) on Amazon Prime – is the best yet. Full of poetic Victorian lingo, heart-wrenching acting and a real buzz of tension as evil and good collide, this seems to mirror “The Legend” perfectly.

Matthew Macfadyen is brilliant. Jerome Flynn is class. Adam Rothenberg is frustratingly good. MyAnna Buring is, well, frankly sublime. So if you haven’t seen Ripper Street, start watching it now.

BFW Rating


£ (Great Value)

Yorkshire Dales, UK


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