Picada 15 Malbec 2012

Picada 15 Malbec is a red blend with so much potential… if only!

Picada, the name of the traditional Argentine food platter of cheeses, meats and fruit & vegetables, will tell you that this is a wine of combo-character.

On the nose it’s bitter coffee character and fruitiness suggests its as good as some of the best South African Pinotages – full, oaky, but balanced and ripe. Yet on the palette it is anything but… yes, it’s certainly full and you do get notes of cassis, blackcurrant, even chocolate and bitter coffee but all of this is hidden under a mishap handling of woodchip.

It’s almost like someone made a beautiful red wine and their apprentice, carrying an armful load of woodchips to a children’s playground, has stumbled into the wine and tried his best to hide the accident from his master.

So much potential, but it just isn’t there – not even after decanting for 24 hours, then a weekend. The fruit just goes dull.

A shame, but I will try the next vintage with hopeful expectations!

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Serve with…

…gravy-based casseroles. Would match particularly well with caramelised onion and sausage casserole, as the sweetness would take some edge off the woodchip notes.

BFW Rating


Alcoholic and full with spice and roasted bitter coffee notes… but drowned in woodchip.

Full Bodied

Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon & Pinot Noir

Patagonia, Argentina




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