Quinta de Azevedo Vinho Verde 2013

If you want a really juicy, mouth-watering white wine, then Quinta de Azevedo Vinho Verde 2013 is your kind of wine.

Corr, is this wine enticing! The bottle, thin and luxurious is quite a joy to hold to begin with. The colour of the wine is suitable green, pale and refreshing from the off.

Low in alcohol doesn’t mean bad wine; this wine is proof. Just as much charm as its competitors, you get a lot of juicy backbone in this white. Succulent, sharp, fresh lime juice flavours are complemented with a lovely balance of crisp apple on the finish.

Not quite as “very dry” as you may be led to believe if you’re used to similar climate wines from this region. Instead there’s a bit more substance.

All the same, it’s a delightful wine with food.


Serve with…

…White fish. Cod with lemon and thai sweet chilli rice is particularly good. Seriously, you’d be crazy not to make the pairing.

BFW Rating


Juicy, juicy, juicy limes, lots of acidity and ripe green apple on the finish.


Loureiro Pederno

Vinho Verde, Portugal



££-£££ (Med-High)

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