Sainsbury’s Chilean Merlot 2013

The Merlot scene in Chile is growing into its own and the quality keeps improving. Sainsbury’s Chilean Merlot, of its Taste the Difference range, is a good starting point.

Produced by Chilean wine “big guns” Errazuriz estate, there’s no question that this is a very standard entry level Merlot. Chile, of course, are well-known producers of the well-priced table red wine but with Chile you can be confident of good quality.

Sainsbury’s Chilean Merlot is dark purple and young, with medium viscosity and medium alcohol. It’s definitely a wine to drink within two days of opening, so it’s not going to be a wine to cellar.

On the nose is more tarred oak than that well-integrated toasty character, but it’s not too potent. Instead the aromas give way to ripe, dark cherries that go beautifully poured next to a roast with all the trimmings.

Followed through on the palette are the hallmarks of good, easy-drinking Merlot: ripe and rounded, a little restrained, some mellow vanilla softness and pleasantly rich. Medium-length finish.

For it’s price, you can’t go too wrong. This is a good place to start.


Serve with…

…hard cheeses, or roast dinners. Particularly pairs well with roast turkey.

BFW Rating


Fairly well made Merlot. Easy to drink, with ripe-yet-restrained cherry fruit.

Medium bodied


Curico Valley




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