Saint Mont Le Passé Authentique 2011

Here’s an odd combination of farmyard minerality, ice-cream-like smoothness and zesty fruit – and it works.

Made from indigenous grape varieties in the South West of France by a co-operative based in Gascony, the Saint Mont Le Passe Authentique is certainly a unique white wine.

Serve chilled and you’ll notice the aromas on the nose aren’t all that intense. There’s some herbaceous quality, bit of muddy-like smell too like a Viognier, and quite a bit of lime.

But follow that through on the palette and there’s a world of change. The initial farmyard minerality that hits you, almost like a woft of cow pat in the countryside, quickly subsides and is replaced by an ultra-smooth, medium body and fairly intense, characterful white. Lemons and limes provide a Sauvignon-esque acidity not too disimillar from neighbours, Graves, while a really creamy vanilla texture provides the rounded and extremely quaffable trait.

At £7.99 (75cl, Waitrose, March 2015) the finish on this white is really pleasant and thoroughly enjoyable when paired with food.


Serve with…

…poultry. This is a great wine match with chicken dishes, especially roasts where the gravy is not overly rich.

BFW Rating


Strange, albeit zesty and ultra smooth, white wine with a real mineral character.


Indigenous Varieties; Gros Mansberg, Petit Courbu & Arrufiac.

South, France



£-££ (Medium)

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