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Santa Carolina Chilean Specialties Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Full of grassy character, Santa Carolina fails to capture the cooler Ocean Side climate and lacks acidity.

Lime green, light in colour and very young. Notes of sweet candied lemon and lots of mown grass on the nose. Fairly fresh, but mostly dull, which made me more wary about acidity when it came to the palette. It doesn’t reflect the “Ocean-effect” advertised on the label.

Surprisingly medium bodied with more intensity on the palette. Melon character and attractiveness is quickly subdued by a heavy, herbaceous – though mostly thick grass and muddy-like – character. Finish is short, which is actually a good thing as the wine is quite flabby and lacks the acidity you’d expect in Sauvignon single varieties.

Disappointing wine, especially for the price. Works better with more simple food.

The wine was available for a limited time from Waitrose, at £10.49 a bottle.


Serve with…

…salty fish. Would suit a chippy’s cod and chips, if well-cooked.

BFW Rating


Grassy medium bodied, mellow Sauvignon Blanc. Santa Carolina captures a standard Chilean character.


Sauvignon Blanc

Valle de Rapel, Chile




Suitable for Vegetarians

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