Tsantali Organic Cabernet 2011

Juicy ripe red fruit and a real leafy/earthy character in this great-value Cabernet from Greece.

An organic red wine from Tsantali that pours a beautiful and youthful ruby red colour. This wine is something really rather special on the nose. It shows off juicy cherry aromas laced with cedar wood and a herbaceous quality, even some subtle mint notes as well. At £9.49 (Waitrose, Feb 2015) it’s alluringly good value as well.

However, not all that complexity you get on the nose is carried across onto the palette, which is a shame given that’s the bit we should be enjoying most. On the palette you get quite a grassy flavour, while the fruit is less cherries and more blackcurrant, some of which is dulled by jagged oak.

Not to say this isn’t a good wine – it’s actually a great one, and I would highly recommend buying a bottle, but when it gives your nostrils such great expectations it’s a bit of a shame to not have them carried through.


Serve with…

…lamb chops. Lamb has a bad habit of being overpowered when paired with Cabernet, but here the match is ideal, especially when the lamb is seasoned with rosemary.

BFW Rating


Fruity, earthy and elegant, this wine is an ideal match with lamb and shows off centuries of excellent Greek wine-making – at great value too.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Halkidiki, Greece



££ (Medium)

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