Waitrose Good Ordinary Claret 2013

Supremely well-valued Claret that’s got lots of fruit but is perhaps a little underdeveloped.

Combining the world-famous blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, while relishing in Bordeaux’s vine-loving climate, this has quite a lot of fruit for its price.

On the nose it is youthful, perhaps foreshadowing the extensivity of the wine’s leathery tannin, with some spicy pepper notes and cedar wood over blackcurrant fruits.

Transferring to the mouth, the wine is disappointingly not as complex. There’s lots of blackcurannt and a real, quite odd redcurrant sharpness. The sharp acidity is toned down a little by really leathery tannin, and perhaps a little more time to age might properly mellow the flavour for drinking – or it could possibly spoil the wine by highlighting the acidity instead.

But for its price (£5.29 from Waitrose, Jan 2015) it’s a great “table wine”. Match with your every day meat meals and it’s versatile, full-flavoured and fruity.


Serve with…

…meats. The Cab-Sauv tannin matches well with every day meals like Shephard’s pie, while it is fruity enough to match nicely with lamb and other “meat n’ two veg” meals.

BFW Rating


Fruity blackcurrant character, but its tannin means it is better matched with food – or decant for an hour.


Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Bordeaux, France



£ (Great Value)

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