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There’s something about wine that’s had us talking about it for centuries. It has packs of meaning, history, charm – even seduction, at its best.

We give away vast amounts of land to plant more vines every year. Supermarkets are ever-growing their range and we’re trying more varieties of wine than we ever did before. And why not, it’s one of life’s great pleasures.

But that means sometimes we need a little help choosing a good bottle. What do you do when you’re feeling a little adventurous? Pick a random bottle? Surf the internet for goldmines of information about that particular wine you’ve heard everyone’s been trying? Sure, you might discover something wonderful. But I think there’s a better way: match your palette with some of the great tasters of our day. Follow their journey – hey, follow my journey – and discover wine as a team.

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Beer & Film

Beer tasting notes with film matches

There’s only one thing better than drinking great beer. That’s drinking great beer alongside an awesome film. It really is the perfect match!

Exclusively on Ben Franks Wine you can enjoy my Matching Beer with the Silver Screen series of reviews. Join in the discussion and suggest your own matches too!

Although I love a whole range of beers, you should know that I shy away from cider. If you’re a cider drinker, why not send in your tasting notes and film matches? In the meantime enjoy these delicious ales, lagers, stouts, porters and more!

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Quick BFWR (Ben Franks Wine Rating) Guide:

<50% = Poor/Not Reviewed
50-60% = Acceptable
60-70% = Recommended
70-80% = Impressive
80-90% = Outstanding
90-100% = The Best