Samples Policy

Wine samples accepted

Have you got an exciting product you would like to share? Bottle of wine samples are certainly accepted but I reserve the right to review them at my leisure. All wine samples will be reviewed.

Book samples are also accepted on the basis that they are wine-related and I once again reserve the right to review these samples at my leisure.

While I do accept these samples, I do not accept them under any conditions nor as part of a “sponsored post”. I will only accept guest posts, wine-related content and wine samples on a completely unconditional basis to ensure the credibility of my tasting notes.

If you would like to advertise your product rather than submit a sample, you can enquire about my advertising rates here.

To send a bottle of wine or book sample, please email me to arrange postage or an ebook download.


Thank you for your email, Ben will get in touch as soon as possible.

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Why do I accept wine samples?

Wine samples and wine-related book samples are a key way for me to stay up to date in the wine world. While many of the reviews will be purchases of my own, wine samples provide me with the opportunity to review a wine I may not have heard of before. This gives my tasting greater breadth but more importantly increases the variety of content available to view on my website.

If you have a query about my samples policy then please send me an email.