The basics: How to order wine in a restaurant (for

The basics: How to order wine in a restaurant (for

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Ordering wine in a restaurant doesn’t have to be daunting – and those who are confident with the wine list needn’t choose the same wine style every time. Here’s my six key pointers to ensuring that every time you order wine, you learn something new and possibly find a brand new favourite:

  1. Ask the Sommelier or Wine Waiter

The first thing you’ll be confronted with is the wine list. Big or small, it can be difficult to choose a bottle if you’re new to the wine varieties on show. The best way to overcome this is to ask your wine waiter or sommelier for advice. In good restaurants they’ll be trained up and know about the wines they’re selling. In great restaurants they’ll give you several options and describe the merits of each one, giving you the choice to choose the ideal wine for your mood and your food.

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