5 Great Waitrose Wines for Valentine’s Day

5 Great Waitrose Wines for Valentine’s Day

On 14 February, couples and crushes across the world will send cards to one another expressing their affections and admiration. But whether you’re in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day is great. It gives you a day to drink good wine and eat good food.

Everything from sparkling wines to your table wine, I’ve selected five I’m confident you’ll love. They’re also all widely available from the retailer Waitrose, who recently won the International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC) trophy for best wine & spirits retailer.

The great all-rounder and tasty table wine

There’s a vast amount of excellent table wines available on the supermarket shelves these days. In fact, wine making has become such a fine art – and wine buying so meticulous – that you’re incredibly unlikely to pick up a poor bottle. However, not all wine is good for everyone’s taste and for Valentine’s Day it’s got to be something extra special, right?

Don’t worry. Waitrose has two absolutely magnificent wines that taste fantastic and will match with a whole variety of food – exactly what you need for lunch and dinner conversation. Not only are they excellent, but they’re fab value too.

For red wine lovers, the Waitrose Romanian Pinot Noir 2013 (£6.99, Waitrose, Feb 2015) is a must-buy. You may turn your nose up to Romania as a wine producing region, but trust me when I say this is excellent. Plenty of ripe red berry fruit while being deliciously smooth with an admirable length. Its medium body also means it will go with most food, while bringing out extra appeal in chicken dishes.

White wine lovers, or for fish dishes, you can’t go wrong with Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs. Superbly zesty and ripe, pretty much all of Marlborough’s output is excellent. However, for one that won’t break the bank, try the brilliant Riverparth Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2014 (£10.49, Waitrose, Feb 2015). Serve lightly chilled.

Full and flavoursome red wine treat

Rolf Binder Cab Sauv-MerlotIf you’re someone who likes lots of black fruit, plum and full body, then you can get few better wines than Rolf Binder Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2013 (On offer at £10.99, Waitrose, Feb 2015) from Barossa. I reviewed the 2011 vintage of this wine and gave it 89%, making it one of my favourite all-time reds. Luckily, the consistency has remained so you can be confident that you’re bagging yourself the same full, chocolatey-plum Cab-Sauv I reviewed over a year ago. Amazing silky texture, this is a real treat.

Crisp, characterful white wine – great with spice

Most of the time, if you’re matching with spicy food you want something like a Riesling or an equally spicy Gewurztraminer. However, one white wine is versatile with your spicy meal and incredibly characterful on its own. Chateau St Jean de Graves 2012 (only £8.49, Waitrose, Feb 2015) has a Sauvignon Blanc Semillion blend. The usually flabby Semillion grape here helps to make the Sauvignon Blanc both zesty in green fruit and citrus, while adding more of a weight; there’s even a peachy, near tropical, flavour. Tasting notes.

Superb and well-chilled sparkling wine

Bollinger Rose NV Brut

Bollinger Rose NV Brut

When it comes to sparkling wine, it’s time to treat yourself. Valentine’s only comes around once a year and it demands a Rose bubbly. Bollinger Rose NV Brut champagne (on offer at £43.99, Waitrose, Feb 2015) is the top choice here – although Camel Valley “Cornwall” Pinot Noir Rose Brut is another fantastic choice, although not nationally available. Bollinger’s Rose NV delights with beautiful red berries, very dry finish and a yeasty flavour. As it’s currently on offer, you could be celebrating with this premium fine wine this Valentine’s Day, without damaging the pocket-lining too much.

Luscious, sweet and fruity dessert wine

If you really fancy a treat this Valentine’s, a dessert wine will please any sweet tooth out there and makes for an extra special alternative to pudding. Campbell’s Rutherglen Muscat (£12.49 (37.5cl), Waitrose, Feb 2015) is a constant award-winner and makes the most of its hot climate. Notes of honey, orange and a luscious, full-body viscosity means this is a wine to sip and savour.

Happy Valentine’s.

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