The Wine Advent: 17 December: Rosé Under £10

The Wine Advent: 17 December: Rosé Under £10

The Wine Advent is a series of 25 posts in the run up to Christmas day where I will give you an insight into my favourite festive wines. Follow me on Twitter or Like my Facebook page to ensure you don’t miss opening up the advent!

It’s a long time now since rosé was just a summer wine. The quality is so, so good today they should be considered on the same level as red and white wines. Simple as that.

But if you need proving then you’d be pleased to know you can get some exceptional quality rosé for under £10. It’s time to ignore the White Zinfandel and Pink Moscato wines, that, really, are refined versions of juice.

Laurent Miquel Vendanges Nocturnes (£8.29, Waitrose Cellar) is a fine example of the Cinsault grape nurtured in the right way. Matched with the big Syrah grape, the rosé is fresh, bursting with summer fruits. It’s a wine that brings something more to fish. Yes, white wines with high acidity go very well, but if you want to enhance and add something different to your festive portion of fish then a wine like this is ideal.

I often take supermarket tasting notes with quite a large pinch of salt, but when I tried Le Froglet Rosé (£7.00, M&S) it really was as “moreish” as the wine buyer insisted. The fruit is rounded and potent but it’s so mouthwatering as well. A top choice!

An Asian-food favourite rosé is Spice Trail (£5.99, Waitrose Cellar). It’s medium sweet with gorgeous wild Pinot Noir cherry and strawberry notes. Make sure you serve it chilled as it can cloy a bit as it gets warmer.

Try a rosé, they’re seriously good nowadays…