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The Wine Advent: 9 December: Weird & Wonderful Wines

The Wine Advent: 9 December: Weird & Wonderful Wines

The Wine Advent is a series of 25 posts in the run up to Christmas day where I will give you an insight into my favourite festive wines. Follow me on Twitter or Like my Facebook page to ensure you don’t miss opening up the advent!

For today’s wine advent, I’ve had a look at some of the stranger wines I’ve enjoyed over the last few months. Christmas calls for something unique, something memorable. But you want it to be a good experience and not a terrible one!

At the Bath Christmas Market, I had a sip of Rubis Chocolate Wine (which I find myself doing every year). It’s a very luscious, liqueur-like wine made from a mix of Spanish Tempranillo and chocolate.The taste is a mix of dark cherries and caramel-textured smooth dark chocolate. You can usually pick up a 50cl bottle for around £15 – so it’s not cheap. But at Christmas, served lightly chilled while you put your feet up in front of your favourite Christmas film, and Rubis naturally becomes a wine to remember.

Friary Liqueurs Christmas Wine

Another weird but wonderful wine is from local liqueur producers Friary, who are based in Frome. Their Christmas wine is again more like a liqueur, with fresh white fruit and red apple notes infused with absolutely gorgeous spices including cinammon, ginger and clove. While it’s again a sipping wine, there’s no doubting it’s very special – and only £12.50 too (Friary website, 50cl).

These two are by far my favourite of the wines that are blurring the line between liqueur and our favourite grape-based tipple.

One I’m not too keen on myself but I will flag up as something for you to try is Gale’s Strawberry Country Wine (£7.49, Waitrose Cellar). Perplexingly full and rich, very jammy and lots of ripe fruit – it’s also a hot 14.5% alcohol. You’ve got to love strawberries to love this wine, but it does go very well with a meringue!