Yummy White Wines for Under a Tenner

Yummy White Wines for Under a Tenner

I recently wrote an article exploring some really tasty and great value red wines for under £10 a bottle. But don’t worry white wine lovers, because you have some real delights to choose from as well.

There’s even some adventurous white wines mixed in amongst the usual favourites. So enjoy and drink responsibly!

Zesty, fresh Sauvignon – The Ned Sauvignon Blanc 2014

The Ned Sauvignon Blanc - White Wines Under a TennerDry, 14.0%, Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans

Winemaker Brent Marris made this hugely popular varietal white wine in Marlborough, New Zealand. It’s a great, leading example of good quality Sauvignon Blanc from one of the world’s most notorious Sauvignon regions.

Impressively zesty, as all Sauvignons should be, and full of that New Zealand gooseberry fruit, it’s truly refreshing. There’s also a bit of smoke and lime in there as well.

And although it usually sells at £10.99 a bottle, there’s a cracking deal on until 17 March, so at the moment it’s a money-saving bargain at only £8.24 (75cl, Waitrose, March 2015). I’d highly recommend buying a bottle to try!

A new style Chardonnay – Douglas Green Chardonnay 2014

Douglas Green Chardonnay - White Wines Under a TennerDry, 14.0%, Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.

Here’s a Chardonnay with a lot of character at only £7.99 a bottle (75cl, Waitrose, March 2015). Oak, some white pepper spice and grass fills the aromas on the nose – and the oak doesn’t smell cheap and nasty or bland either. It feels more integrated than in Chardonnays at a similar price, especially outside Burgundy.

This balance is there too in the mouthfeel of the wine, although the vanilla and oak notes are perhaps a little more intense. However a herbaceous and refreshingly citrus body give this white wine quite a bit of charm. There’s also a lime stone like note to it too.

Great pairing with a seafood salad.

Sweet & fruity everyday treat – Peter Meyer Liebfraumilch 2013

Peter Meyer Lieb - White Wines for Under a TennerMedium Dry, 9.0%, Not Suitable for Vegetarians

This is a great white to choose if you fancy something different and things are particularly tight on the bank this month. You get a lot of wine for £4.69 (75cl, Waitrose, March 2015) against its opponents around the £5 range.

A delicate sweetness is matched with lemon and orchid fruits, more soft and fruity than it is acidic. It carries some versatility as a table wine, fitting nicely with everyday meals like fish, especially if you like a bit of fresh chilli in a side-serving of rice too. This is because the sweetness complements the spicy flavours.

Made from the Muller-Thurgau variety, it is not a far cry from Riesling, but perhaps just lacks the extra body and character of its more premium regional friends. But at only 9% alc. it is a great choice as an everyday table white.

Fresh & aromatic blend – Hilltop Estate Eva’s Vineyard 2013

Eva's Vineyard Blend - White Wines Under a TennerDry, 12.5%, Suitable for Vegetarians

Incredibly popular white wine and easy to see why. This blend of largely inoffensive grape varieties – Pinot Grigio, Chenin Blanc and local Hungarian grape Kiralyeanyka – comes together to make a wine much more than just inoffensive. Instead you have a light, aromatic and truly enjoyable soft white wine. Dry and with a little acidity too, it’s impressively versatile with a wide-range of fish or cream-sauce poultry dishes.

It’s also a proud wine, named after its winemaker, Eva Keresztury. It shows care and quality wine making which have ended in an impressively delectable product we can enjoy. Of course, you may question why, then, it is only £4.79 (75cl, Waitrose, March 2015), but don’t be put off; because Hungary is a wine region us Brits aren’t hugely familiar with, we can still see really delicious whites like this at such great value. So give it a go!