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Is ITV’s The Wine Show the best wine television yet?

Is ITV’s The Wine Show the best wine television yet?

We’ve been longing for a show about wine in the UK for a while but the problem is a lot of the stuff that comes on to our tellies is a little boring at its best.

Wine has had a historic bad habit of appearing snobby when it’s on the television, so it’s a masterpiece that Matthew Goode & Matthew Rhys’ very British accents have managed to be anything but snobbish in the fantastic new programme The Wine Show on ITV.

I must admit it took me an episode to get into it. I loved Goode and Rhys’ chemistry, I have grown to really enjoy seeing Joe Fattorini talk about wine and I have always enjoyed Amelia Singer’s bits from the Jamie Oliver vlogs. Yet there was something distinguishably strange about it.

It didn’t take me too long (about half way through the second episode) to realise it was that this wine show was just different. It managed to be both accessible and approachable to people who don’t drink much wine and yet intriguing to wine lovers like you and me. It’s full of humour, information, and something new, bringing wines like Indian rosé to the British public.

The Wine Show keeps the fun in wine

Wine is all about drinking it with friends, enjoying the flavours and socialising over a glass or two. That’s one thing that Goode and Rhys manage to do really well. They’re just two big kids having fun exploring wine and you’ve got to love their passion for doing so.

It makes you want to go out and try something new!

It’s also brilliant to see a programme that has been so interactive with its fans. You only have to tweet wine expert Joe Fattorini and he’ll swing back with a reply; it’s like having expert wine recommendations on tap. What’s not to like?

For food lovers there’s a whole section devoted to you every episode. Featuring some of the world’s most brilliant chefs as they’re tasked to choose their favourite wine to go with a signature dish. You can find all the matches and even the recipes online on the ITV website. Like this one:

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t seen The Wine Show yet you really ought to tune into ITV4 at 7pm on Sunday.

For more info visit The Wine Show online.