#WineWednesday: Pick of the #wine tweets

#WineWednesday: Pick of the #wine tweets

Twitter’s wine community is huge. In much the same way that people love sharing pictures of food and talking about food, wine has adopted its own mass following – and its Twitter who must take some of the credit for wine’s revival as an exciting drink.

From sharing photos of vineyards to tweeting about live tastings half way across the world, there’s a wealth of brief and quick information streaming down our computer screens. Something is bound to interest you, so if you’re game visit Twitter and search for wine.

To whet your appetite, this awesome picture from our American friend Amy is very pretty…

Or if you were looking for something a bit more playful, then the guys over at winetracker.co have got your tastebuds covered with this (easily-drunk) game:

If you so happen to be anything like me and dream about owning your own vineyard one day, then this recent tweet from Kwagga Boucher is bound to make you envy that dream even more. A stunning view!

Demi Cassiani’s tweet of Marlborough’s stunning vineyards in New Zealand is bound to entice you even more…

Of course, wine wouldn’t be complete without wine humour…

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