#WineWednesday Social: Let’s get arty with wine!

#WineWednesday Social: Let’s get arty with wine!

Have you got any left over wine corks? Even some screwcap bottle tops or empty bottles?

Perfect. Time to get inspired! Who’s feeling arty? Because I’ve found a collection of pretty cool wine art videos I’d love to share with you. These talented folk have taken recycling to an all-new level and designed some stuff I’d quite happily hang in my own home.

Is there any end to wine’s fun? Probably not.

Marilyn Monroe made out of corks

Credit: Conrad Engelhardt

Set to classical music, the series of shots show how Marilyn comes to life simply from wine-stained cork tops to squeaky clean ones. It makes it look pretty easy, so why not have a go at home?

Wine bottle art designs

Credit: ArtMöbius

You will need to turn on the subtitles to this video if you don’t speak Spanish – or you can just watch the visuals. These ordinary wine bottles are simply turned into awesome bits of craft with just some white spraypaint, string and glue. You could easily do most of them at home. Cool, eh?

Hyperrealistic vodka art

Credit: Marcello Barenghi

Alright so it might not strictly be wine-inspired but this is a really mesmerising piece of artwork. The attention to detail is frankly mind-blowing. Looks real enough to drink.

Looking for some real quick wine art inspiration?

Credit: DIY Ideas

Ideas from simple cork-hangers to jewellery and more! This video is full of nuggets of inspiration to use up those left ovr corks. You’ve got to admit some of the more antique examples are swell.

These videos got us so inspired that we’re going to be making some wine art in the coming months. Watch this space!

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