#WineWednesday social: Winos to follow on Twitter

#WineWednesday social: Winos to follow on Twitter

While you may have got most of your news from the paper or a magazine subscription around 20 years ago, nowadays Twitter is one of the biggest sources of news in the world. Even multinational news organisations build whole news stories around tweets. You only need read The Guardian or any other online paper to see that.

For wine, news and information on Twitter has also graduated from the knowledge snobbery of most wine-specialist mags to a haven of enjoyment. The internet is for sharing pictures of beautiful vineyards and delicious wines of all varieties; to share tongue-in-cheek wine gags and discuss the whole culture that surrounds wine itself. Twitter has found itself in the position of kingpin, appealing to our short attention spans in a way no other news outlet – even television – has managed to grasp.

But who are the top winos to follow on twitter?

The Wine Wankers

A hilarious Australian trio who have got their social-networking down to a fine art. Not only do they tweet some very shareable content themselves but they’re constantly retweeting wine-related gems on a daily basis. If you’re going to follow anyone on twitter, these guys should be top of the list.

Julien Miquel

This former winemaker knows how to put on a great show when it comes to social media. His content is always interesting and varied with plenty of humour in the mix. He’s also the guy behind the Best New Blog Social Vignerons. Awesome, eh?

Angela Mount

If you live in Bath like I do then you should be following Angela Mount. She’s dominated the wine scene here for a while now and she’s a top one to follow for Bath news and catch up on The Bath Chronicle‘s latest wine best buys.

Victor Keegan

Advocate for UK-produced wine, Victor shares some of the most exciting news from our little country’s world-class wine making. He’s also incredibly active and sharing some rich content so definitely give him a follow!

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